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Commonly asked questions: 

The Ministry Of Health funding is available for people who have undergone partial or full mastectomy, either unilateral or bilateral and/or have undergone a lumpectomy or have undergone reconstructive surgery.

These payments are aimed at reducing the cost of purchasing a breast prosthesis and other related products such a bras. The Ministry of Health will pay this subsidy to either the claiment or the supplier of the product that has been fitted for you,

How much can I claim?

Your entitlement is $613.33 incl GST, per side, for a four year period. During this four year period you may claim any amount up to $613.33 at any time. this period commences on the date that you make your first purchase.

In addtiion: You are able to apply to the Minstry Of Health for dditional funding should your original entitlement be insufficient due to the following factors:

  • You are under 18 and your GP or specialist considers that your growth is incomplete and  your prosthesis or prostheses needs to be replaced regularly; or
  • You have lost a reconstructed breast due to infection after reconstructive surgery and need a replacement prosthesis or prostheses.

If you're unable to make it in to a specified location for your breast care consultation, we can arrange for our consultant to come to your home. Contact us for more information.

It is extremely important to us that women feel comfortable in our private and professional premises.

For after surgery consultations, it would be helpful to bring the following to your appointment:

  • Breast prosthesis certificate
  • You can bring a support person if you wish
  • It's always helpful to bring any clothing you wear often (e.g. a uniform) and/or a nice fitting top

Yes a breast form is the same as a breast prosthesis. They come in different shapes and sizes from a full breast form for a lady who has had a mastectomy to a partial shell or prosthetic nipple.

Your breast form and bras are fitted during your consultation, so you don't need to wait for it.

Some regular breast forms can be used for swimming, or you can purchase a specific swim breast form - click here to view the range.

All of the products we stock are covered by manufacturer's warranty - these may vary depending on the product and manufacturer. Contact us for information about your particular product.

Yes it does - the Breast Prosthesis Claim is available for the following people who:

  • are New Zealand citizens, or resident of New Zealand, and;
  • your GP or specialist has given you a current medical certificate with your NHI number, and details of your need for this subsidy

Contact Breast Care Products for more information.

You may claim for this service if you:

  • are a New Zealand citizen, or are ordinarily resident in New Zealand; and
  • your specialist or GP gives you a current medical cerficate with NHI number, and details of your need for this subsidy

The service payment is available to cover the cost of the following items only:

  • breast prostheses or breast forms (these may include standard breast forms, swim forms, foam fillers, shell prostheses and lumpectomy shells)
  • pocketed bras to hold the breast prostheses or breast forms
  • surgical bras
  • swimwear
  • modifications to bras to hold a prosthesis or breast form
  • prosthetic nipples

Exercise is very important, so we know it's vital to have comfortable activewear, including your bra, during exercise. We stock a range of sports-specific breast care products - click here to view the range.

Contact your Breast Care Consultant and we will set up a consultation with you. It's important that we see you before ordering a new breast form as your body can change a lot, so can our products - we want to make sure you get the best fit for your body.

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